A roaring Satire! Funny! Outrageous! Relatable!

The HOA - The sharply written satire by David B. Roundsley is now available in hardback and trade paperback editions. There is also a companion album, The HOA - Music by Munich Syndrome
The HOA – Hardback, Paperback, and companion album!
A short introduction to The HOA

The HOA will be available on all major online sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) on April 4, 2024. But, you can order it NOW directly from the publisher and save $3 over Amazon’s pricing:

The HOA - Hardback BUY NOW and save $3
The HOA – Hardback Buy NOW

Also available – The HOA trade paperback

The HOA - Trade paperback $17.00
The HOA – Trade Paperback

There are so many books. So many stories. Where do you find that perfect read? The book you don’t want to put down, and you don’t want to end? The HOA just might be that perfect read that won’t let you down. 

The HOA is a sharp, thoughtful, and biting satire of life within a dysfunctional homeowner’s association. Through this satirical and comedic take on the goings-on of an HOA, readers can enjoy stories of strange and absurd situations, miscommunications, and the side-splitting absurdity that ensues. 

The book follows the story of unlikely but dedicated and well-meaning community members who unexpectedly come together due to a financial crisis that no one saw coming.  This band of misfits discovers a reality far different than what they imagined when they take on the challenges of addressing the impending financial disaster and the status quo. They learn lessons the hard way while confronting their own shortcomings in the process.

From late-night community meetings and wild petty disputes, it’s the perfect blend of relatable suburban life mixed with a comedy of errors. You will get a glimpse into all of the quirkiness and all of the drama that comes with being part of an HOA. From outrageous spending to heated debates to hidden agendas to political maneuvering, appearances can be deceiving behind the white-only mandated window treatments.

Diving into the often hilarious and sometimes nightmarish world of an HOA, the vivid descriptions of the power struggles, petty squabbles, and backstabbing that goes on, there are tales of friendship and camaraderie. Comedy and chaos reign supreme as we meet a wide array of eccentric and entertaining characters.

The HOA - The debut novel from David B. Roundsley - Meet the neighbors at Thornwillow Heights!
Meet the neighbors from Thornwillow Heights!

The HOA is the debut novel from David B. Roundsley. Author of his memoir Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, about his 13-year search for his birth parents, shocking discoveries, and the half-siblings he discovered. The HOA is much lighter, sitting somewhere between the first Tales of the City book by Armistead Maupin and Desperate Housewives. Minus the eating disorders, cosmetic surgery, and body count.

Looking for that perfect read? The HOA might be that book!

Also available is the companion album, The HOA – Music by Munich Syndrome:

The HOA - By Munich Syndrome
The HOA – Music by Munich Syndrome
1.Theme to an HOA 01:30
2.A New Neighborhood 02:24
3.Windswept 05:03
4.Catwalk 02:45
5.After Hours Wine 05:12
6.Failure Was Their Only Option 03:46
7.A Victory 03:50
8.Firestorm for a Firebreak 01:52
9.Betrayal 05:31
10.Clouds in my Coffee 04:50
11.Reconsideration 05:33
12.No Regrets 05:17
13.Walk Away (Extended Dance Mix) 05:19
14.Cocktails at 38,000 Feet 06:19
15.Bliss 07:25
16.New Day (the HOA Mix) 03:55

About “The HOA” – Music by Munich Syndrome

A companion to the novel, “The HOA,” a collection of electronica, downtempo, pop, and dance songs, with a couple that border on industrial! Written, Performed, and Produced by: David B. Roundsley, during the creation of the book.