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    The HOA featured by IngramSpark!

    This Pride Month, IngramSpark is excited to showcase the powerful stories created by talented LGBTQ+ authors like @David B. Roundsley – Author. Their works delve into humor, challenges, and eccentricities offering a rich tapestry of experiences that celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Join us in honoring inclusivity and representation throughout June! Share the LGBTQ+ books that resonate with you and champion the voices that are shaping our literary landscape. Ready to explore his captivating novel, HOA? Click here → https://hubs.li/Q02CV84R0 #ShareYourBookwithPride#Pride2024#ingramspark#Pride#lgbtq#HOA

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    The HOA

    I have been an out musician (under the moniker Munich Syndrome), graphic designer, and author for many years. My inspiration for writing The HOA came from living in various homeowner associations. I wanted to show the shared humanity and humor that can result when living in close proximity to others. I wanted to underscore that gay and lesbian characters co-exist in these unique housing situations and aren’t different from anyone else, for better or worse. I explore the pathos, absurdity, pettiness, silliness, and frustrations of life in this type of microcosm can yield. I also wanted to challenge and dispense with stereotypes by creating complex and relatable individual characters. I…