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    The HOA featured by IngramSpark!

    This Pride Month, IngramSpark is excited to showcase the powerful stories created by talented LGBTQ+ authors like @David B. Roundsley – Author. Their works delve into humor, challenges, and eccentricities offering a rich tapestry of experiences that celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Join us in honoring inclusivity and representation throughout June! Share the LGBTQ+ books that resonate with you and champion the voices that are shaping our literary landscape. Ready to explore his captivating novel, HOA? Click here → https://hubs.li/Q02CV84R0 #ShareYourBookwithPride#Pride2024#ingramspark#Pride#lgbtq#HOA

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    The HOA

    I have been an out musician (under the moniker Munich Syndrome), graphic designer, and author for many years. My inspiration for writing The HOA came from living in various homeowner associations. I wanted to show the shared humanity and humor that can result when living in close proximity to others. I wanted to underscore that gay and lesbian characters co-exist in these unique housing situations and aren’t different from anyone else, for better or worse. I explore the pathos, absurdity, pettiness, silliness, and frustrations of life in this type of microcosm can yield. I also wanted to challenge and dispense with stereotypes by creating complex and relatable individual characters. I…

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    David B. Roundsley Interview

    I was recently interviewed by Mike Briggs on Briggs on Books. I discussed my two books, Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence and The HOA, and my music career, which encompassed 15 albums under my alter-ego, Munich Syndrome. I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to my writing projects. Subscribe, Like, and Share! https://www.youtube.com/@DavidBRoundsley

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    The HOA is HERE!

    The global release date for The HOA will be April 4, 2024, but the book, both hardback and trade paperback, is available to purchase directly from the publisher NOW! As an added bonus, you save $3 on the hardback edition over Amazon’s pricing!

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    The HOA – A Novel

    The HOA – A biting satire about life in a dysfunctional Homeowners’ Association What do you find when you look under the paper-thin veneer of an upscale Homeowner’s Association? Behind the mandated white-only window treatments, the always-closed garage doors, and in select areas, well maintained landscaping, you will find an array of eccentric homeowners, many of them trying to subvert and take control of the HOA. The HOA is the debut novel from David B. Roundsley. Author of his memoir, Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, about his 13-year search for his birth parents, shocking discoveries and the half-siblings he discovered. The HOA is a much lighter read, sitting somewhere…