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    “The HOA” Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

    There are so many books. So many stories. Where do you find that perfect read? The book you don’t want to put down, and you don’t want to end? The HOA just might be that perfect read that won’t let you down.  The HOA is a sharp, thoughtful, and biting satire of life within a dysfunctional homeowner’s association. Through this satirical and comedic take on the goings-on of an HOA, readers can enjoy stories of strange and absurd situations, miscommunications, and the side-splitting absurdity that ensues.  The book follows the story of unlikely but dedicated and well-meaning community members who unexpectedly come together due to a financial crisis that no…

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    COMING SOON : The HOA! The Novel. A biting satire!

    Are you tired of the same old drama that can come with being part of a Homeowner’s Association? Well, have we got the book for you! Introducing, The HOA! A satirical novel about living in a fictional homeowner’s association. That could be YOUR homeowner’s association. This book is the perfect combination of humor, satire, and over-the-top stories about improbable people that will make you chuckle, while offering insight into the life of a homeowner’s associations. You will get a glimpse into all of the fun and all of the drama that comes with being part of a HOA. From outrageous spending, to heated debates, this book covers it all. With…

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    Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence – Book & Album

    Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, the book and album by Munich Syndrome are available now from: and from Munich Syndrome’s BandCamp page: Review by: Anthony R, Cardno MY THOUGHTS: This is an absolutely engrossing memoir about adoption, secrets, and the search to understand where we came from and who we are. I found it extremely hard to put down. That’s partially because of the way the book is structured. The reader only becomes privy to information as Roundsley’s original search uncovered it. There are a few hints at the start of the book of what will ultimately be revealed (most but not all of which is noted in…

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    Goodbye 2020

    Goodbye 2020… A year few anticipated that presented everyone with struggles and challenges to overcome and get through. Despite the many loses and challenges the year presented, it’s also been a year of resilience and hope. On many fronts people pulled together to do what’s best for others as well as themselves and I have every confidence we will turn several corners in the coming year and come out better as a result. For myself, 2020 was an unexpectedly productive year. I had been working on the book, Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, throughout most of 2019 and “thought” it was finished at the end of that year. A…

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    Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence, Book & Album

    The Kickstarter campaign for Bad Blood – A Life Without Consequence is now over. The album is available for digital pre-order at our BandCamp site. The book and CD will be available at all major retail websites the second quarter of 2021! If you would like to order a signed copy of the book, album, or both, please send us a message via the website and we can send a PayPal invoice. We want to thank everyone who made the Kickstarter campaign a huge success and we look forward to sending the first copies of the book out before the end of the year!

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