The HOA – A Novel

The HOA – A biting satire about life in a dysfunctional Homeowners’ Association

The HOA - A Novel
The HOA – A Novel coming soon…

What do you find when you look under the paper-thin veneer of an upscale Homeowner’s Association? Behind the mandated white-only window treatments, the always-closed garage doors, and in select areas, well maintained landscaping, you will find an array of eccentric homeowners, many of them trying to subvert and take control of the HOA.

The HOA is the debut novel from David B. Roundsley. Author of his memoir, Bad Blood: A Life Without Consequence, about his 13-year search for his birth parents, shocking discoveries and the half-siblings he discovered. The HOA is a much lighter read, sitting somewhere between the first Tales of the City book by Armistead Maupin and Desperate Housewives. Minus the eating disorders, cosmetic surgery and body count.

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